Backyard Macro Photography

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Macro photography is one of my favourite genres of photography (just second to Landscape)! In fact it's the first genre that I learned when I started my photography journey many years ago. Even though one can take closeup images of pretty much anything, I tend to look for interesting subjects in nature.

Since the Covid pandemic started and with all the imposed lockdowns and restrictions from time to time, I find myself looking for subjects in the backyard.

Early mornings are my favourite time of the day to chase bugs and tiny creatures as they are less active. Also, it's less windy and the morning light is softer - even better!

In the colder months, say autumn or early spring there's also the morning dew which could add that extra appeal to the images.

Autumn and early Spring are the seasons of the year when my macro lens would get a lot of workout. Here are some Spring flowers. One thing good about flowers is you can plant them in Autumn in pots or garden bed then in a few months, you'd have some beautiful subjects to photograph in the comfort of your own backyard. (Tip: I prefer potted flowers so I could move then around easily for best lighting and background.)

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And flowers would attract other insects too...

...and even arachnids. And yes, I love spiders. They always fascinate me. This little fella below was enjoying a big catch!

And then more snails. They are all over the place but when I could not find any other creatures in the backyard, they make good subjects too. This was taken in the afternoon with the warm light hitting the maple tree leaves.

So with macro and closeup photography, the imagination is the limit and there's really no need to travel far. All the images here were taken at home during lockdown.



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