Misty and Foggy Landscapes

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I like chasing mist and fog during the colder months. In fact it's one of the reasons why I like Autumn and Winter here in Sydney. And a lot of times, I didn't have to travel too far to be able to create some pleasing images. Fog could turn ordinary places with distracting background into something special. It hides the background and helps simplify the composition.

A lone horse on a foggy morning. The trees can still be seen in the background but less distracting.

Mist and fog can also add depth to the image.

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And because it helps to diffuse the light, it makes shooting into the sun much easier and safer. (Caution: Looking into the Sun can cause damage to the eye). I would normally use Live view when composing a shot with the Sun in it. Direct Sunlight could damage the sensor in the camera. Mine seems to be fine til now but I would only do it when the light is so diffused similar to the two images below.


Autumn colours work really well with mist too.

And last but not the least it can help make some dramatic black and white images!

Occasionally with the right amount of humidity and lower temperature, we also get some nice misty mornings during Summer but it's more frequent in the colder months. This year's winter was mostly spent in lockdown. Hopefully next year there'd be more freedom to travel.

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